1990: Creed of Slaves (BBC-2 18 Sep 1977, with John Savident)

1990 Creed of Slaves

In Creed of Slaves, the opening episode of 1990, it is the near future and Britain is under the control of the all powerful Department of Public Control. A Kafka meets Orwell world where everything you say and do is monitored by the bureaucracy. Journalist Jim Kyle does his best to spread dissent. He is also planning a big story revealing the government’s plans for a series of adult “rehabilitation” centres. Delly Lomas, a deputy controller, is assigned to find out what Kyle is up to.

Kyle also secretly works as part of a resistance movement that helps get people out of the country.

Meanwhile Dr Vickers, having tried all legitimate forms of trying to get out of the country turns to Kyle for help.

An excellent opener with the central idea of getting people out of the country nicely centre stage as well as exploring the impact of Kyle having to juggle his journalistic position with that of his resistance work knowing that he can’t always print what he knows.

The future angle, this is only the very near future after all, isn’t really talked about apart from little bits of technology such as recording gear and jammers and the like. Kyle also has a rather outrageous car phone.

1990 Creed of Slaves

Donald Gee played Dr Vickers

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 18 September 1977 at 8.10pm

Writer: Wilfred Greatorex / Production Design: Rochelle Selwyn / Director: Alan Gibson

Series: 1990 Season 1 Episode 1

Donald Gee as Dr Vickers
Stacy Davies as PCD Inspector
Edward Woodward as Jim Kyle
Honor Shepherd as Marly
John Savident as Dan Mellor
Paul Chapman as Randall
Luke Hanson as Grey
Lynn Dalby as Mrs Grey
Barbara Kellermann as Delly Lomas
Robert Lang as Herbert Skardon
Clifton Jones as Henry Tasker
George Murcell as Greaves
Mathias Kilroy as Pearce
Robert Swales as Wilkie
Elleen Davies as Mrs Vickers
Sophie Coghill as Tina Vickers
Tony Doyle as Dave Brett
Willie Jonah as Nolan
Malcolm Rennie as Emigration officer
Bruce Lidington as Harper
Bill Rourke as Emigrant
Desmond Jordan as Burnley
Paul Hardwick as Faceless
Colin Fay as Stevedore

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