American Crime: Season 3 Episode 1 (ABC 12 Mar 2017, with Sandra Oh)

American Crime Season 3 Episode 1

ABC’s critically acclaimed and emmy award-winning series American Crime returns with a powerful new story that explores all sides of the American dream.

Guest Starring Sandra Oh and Cherry Jones

This season takes place in Alamance County, North Carolina, and explores issues of forced labor, sex trafficking, immigration, socioeconomic divides, individual rights and how we are all a part of an economy that often prospers on economic oppression.

In the opening episode an undocumented worker, Luis Salazar, travels from Mexico into the United States in search of a job, only to discover that modern servitude is thriving in the farmlands and agricultural communities. Promised work and a place to live, laborers find themselves required to pay exorbitant rates for shelter, food and other essentials. What little money they make is often collected directly by their employers. Workers find themselves caught in perpetual debt and without recourse because of their legal status. Undocumented workers aren’t the only people targeted by this system. Coy Henson is a young, white American male, estranged from his family and hopelessly addicted to drugs.

Lured by farm crew chief Isaac Castillo with the promise of steady work, Coy soon realizes that an opportunity to turn is his life around has devolved into another form of dependency.

Hesby Farms, a struggling family-owned tomato farm, is forced to cut back on labor costs in order to be competitive in a market that continuously demands lower prices. Jeanette Hesby, who married into the family that owns the farm, begins to learn the shocking truth behind their wealth. Her turmoil will eventually force her to make a moral decision, which could put her at odds with the family.

Kimara Walters is a dedicated social worker who truly wants to help those in need. Unattached, single and in her forties, she desperately wants to have a baby and is finding it hard to get pregnant, even with the help of modern medicine. When Kimara meets Shae Reese, a 17-year-old prostitute, Kimara wants to help Shae get out of the business, turn her life around and testify against her pimp in court.

Cast: Regina King as Kimara Walters, Felicity Huffman as Jeanette Hesby, Connor Jessup as Coy Henson, Richard Cabral as Isaac Castillo and Benito Martinez as Luis Salazar.

Guest Cast: Sandra Oh as Abby Tanaka, Cherry Jones as Laurie Ann Hesby, Tim DeKay as JD Hesby, Janel Moloney as Raelyn, Dallas Roberts as Carson Hesby, Ana Mulvoy Ten as Shae Reese, Josh Drennen as Flemming and Colby French as Wilkens.

Written by John Ridley and was directed by So Yong Kim.

Series: Season 3 Episode 1
Airdate: Sunday 12 March 2017 at 10.00pm on ABC

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