Back Episode 2 (Channel 4 13 Sep 2017, with Robert Webb)

Back Channel 4 2017

Back, the new comedy series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb continues. The Nichols family gather together as Alison, Stephen’s ex and the family lawyer, reveal what’s in Laurie’s will. A horrified Stephen finds out that Andrew has been left a five per cent share of the family business, the John Barleycorn pub.

With the business in debt, Stephen and Andrew go head-to-head to find the best way to make some extra cash. Ellen decides that joining the church is the next logical step in her spiritual journey and she and Julian the vicar get into some casual baptism. Maureen the dog continues to send Stephen reaching for the antihistamine as well as the red wine, but there’s another even more irritating presence in Stephen’s bedroom.

Writer: Simon Blackwell
Director: Ben Palmer
Producer: Kate Daughton
Executive Producers: Kenton Allen, Simon Blackwell, David Mitchell, Robert Webb
Production Company: A That Mitchell & Webb Company in association with Big Talk Productions for Channel 4

Back Episode 2 (of 6) airs on Wednesday 13 September 2017 from 10.00pm-10.35pm

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