Bull: How to Dodge a Bullet (CBS 9 May 2017, with Eliza Dushku)


Eliza Dushku Guest Stars as Attorney J.P. Nunnelly in the First of Three Episodes.

How to Dodge a Bullet: Bull makes a deal with top criminal attorney J.P. Nunnelly (guest star Eliza Dushku) to defend Benny when he goes to trial for misconduct in a case related to his former career with the District Attorney’s office.

Michael Weatherly (Dr. Jason Bull)
Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colon)
Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan)
Jaime Lee Kirchner (Danny James)
Annabelle Attanasio (Cable McCrory)
Christopher Jackson (Chunk Palmer)

Eliza Dushku (J.P. Nunnelly)
Delaney Williams (Wilson Jessup)
Joel de la Fuente (Brent Janson)
Joe Grifasi (Judge Arlen Rand)
Curzon Dobell (Calvin Browning)
Jennifer Van Dyck (Veronica Browning)
Christopher James Baker (Hayden Watkins)
Alexis Suarez (Clerk)
Rachel Rath (Waitress)
Adam Dietlien (Attractive Man)
Tom Tammi (Talk Show Host)
Myles Humphus (Prison Guard)

WRITTEN BY: John A. Norris
DIRECTED BY: Russell Fine

Series: Bull
Air Date: Tuesday, May 09, 2017
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on CBS

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