Bull: Name Game (CBS 28 Mar 2017, with Laura Breckenridge)

Bull Name Game

In Name Game, when Bull fronts the money to help thousands of people bring a class action suit against a corrupt bank, he stands to lose his business if he doesn’t win at trial.

Also, Benny hurts the case when he’s distracted by his attraction to a client and his anxiety over a secret he’s keeping from Bull.

Michael Weatherly (Dr. Jason Bull)
Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colón)
Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan)
Jaime Lee Kirchner (Danny James)
Annabelle Attanasio (Cable McCrory)
Christopher Jackson (Chunk Palmer)

Laura Breckenridge (Erin Howland)
Cristina Rosato (Sofia Dern)
Kurt Fuller (Judge Robert Genda)
Paul Fitzgerald (Defense Attorney Peter Glauster)
Ian Lithgow (CEO Griffin Fuller)
Andy Bustillos (Larry Kane)
Adrianne Frost (Marian)
Jack O’Connell (Ed)
Erika Robel (Stella)
Mark Stolzenberg (Frank)
Andy Striph (Glen)
Michael McFadden (Mike)
Mark K. Anthony (Security Guard)
Alexa Adderley (Kelsey)
Jesse Ray Sheps (Luke)

WRITTEN BY: Pamela Wechsler
DIRECTED BY: Laura Belsey

Series: Bull Season 1 Episode 17
Airdate: Tuesday 28 March 2017 at 9.00pm on CBS

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