Code Black: You Are The Heart (CBS 18 Nov 2015 with Kevin Dunn)

AIRDATE: Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 10.00pm on CBS

Season 1 Episode 8

Christa has her busiest shift yet when she is responsible for all emergencies at Angels Memorial that occur outside of the E.R.

Also, Mario bonds with an older patient with HIV, Malaya starts a bone marrow drive for Carla (Shiri Appleby) and Leanne refuses a date with Cole (Cress Williams).

Marcia Gay Harden (Dr. Leanne Rorish)
Bonnie Somerville (Christa Lorenson)
Raza Jaffrey (Dr. Neal Hudson)
Luis Guzmán (Jesse Sallander)
Melanie Chandra (Malaya Pineda)
Harry Ford (Angus Leighton)
Benjamin Hollingsworth (Mario Savetti)
William Allen Young (Dr. Rollie Guthrie)

Kevin Dunn (Dr. Taylor)
Angela Relucio (Risa Park)
Ellia English (Isabel Mendez)
Cress Williams (Cole Guthrie)
Gabrielle Carteris (Amy)
Shiri Appleby (Carla Niven)
Zach Bostrom (Killian)
Sara Paxton (Sophie)
Stephen Chang (Medic 2)
Lyn Alicia Henderson (Medic 1)
Elaine Mani Lee (Phlebotomist)
Linara Washington (Rebecca)
Sayeed Shahidi (Randell)
Stephen Spinella (Ted)
Peter James Smith (Dermatologist)
Carmella Riley (Kim)
Ursula Burton (Nurse)
Josh Kirby (Young Man)
Deus Xavier Scott (Medic 3)
Christina Cannarella (RM)

WRITTEN BY: David Marshall Grant
DIRECTED BY: Alex Zakrzewski

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