Conviction: Past, Prologue & What’s to Come (Season Finale ABC 29 Jan 2017)

Conviction Past, Prologue & What’s to Come

Past, Prologue & What’s to Come brings the first and possibly only season of Conviction to a close. The show hasn’t been officially cancelled but hasn’t been officially renewed yet either.

Hayes revisits the failed case of Gerald Harris from her days as a defense attorney – the very case where she met Wallace nearly a decade earlier. Harris was found guilty of murdering his wife despite Hayes’ belief in his innocence due to Wallace unearthing Gerald’s darkest secret.

Meanwhile, a member of the CIU team is forced to revisit their illicit actions in the controversial Rodney Landon case. In the end, Hayes and Wallace’s future, as well as that of the CIU team, hang in the balance.

Cast: Hayley Atwell as Hayes Morrison, Eddie Cahill as Conner Wallace, Shawn Ashmore as Sam Spencer, Merrin Dungey as Maxine Bohen, Emily Kinney as Tess Larson, Manny Montana as Franklin “Frankie” Cruz and Daniel Franzese as Jackson Morrison.

Guest Cast: Mike Doyle as Rodney Landon, Mark Moses as Gerard Harrison and Rob Stewart as Paul Lund.

Written by Vincent Angell, Liz Friedman & Liz Friedlander and directed by Liz Friedlander.

Series: Conviction Season 1 Episode 13 (of 13)
Airdate: Sunday 29 January 2017 at 10.00pm on ABC

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