Doubt: Finally (CBS 5 Aug 2017, with Roger Cross)

Finally: With opening statements looming in Billy’s trial, Albert and Sadie struggle to rebuild broken trust and do their best for Billy as the prosecution lays out a devastating case. Also, Peter and Cam face the first crisis of their budding relationship when Peter considers a run for District Attorney.

Katherine Heigl (Sadie Ellis)
Dulé Hill (Albert Cobb)
Elliott Gould (Isaiah Roth)
Laverne Cox (Cameron Wirth)
Steven Pasquale (Billy Brennan)
Dreama Walker (Tiffany Simon)
Kobi Libii (Nick Brady)

Lauren Blumenfeld (Lucy Alexander)
Ben Lawson (DA Peter Garrett)

Kathleen Chalfant (Margaret Brennan)
Roger Cross (Eric Taylor)
Tembi Locke (Jury Iris Taylor)
Quincy Fouse (Heyward Taylor)
Jonathan Scarfe (Officer Dixon)
Christina Pickles (Gail Meyers)
Saul Rubinek (Judge Juluis Routbout)
Robert Carradine (Walter Costello)
Anjali Bhimani (Maya Reyez)
Jacqueline Kim (Molly Brennan)
Louise Bennett (Reporter #1)
Larry Sullivan (ADA Asher Lowman)
Cassidy Freeman (ADA Abby Burris)
Romi Dias (Judge Irene Mendoza)
Sewell Whitney (Jury Foreman)
Jordyn Jessica Yarker (Young Molly)

WRITTEN BY: David Feige
DIRECTED BY: Maja Vrvillo

Series: Doubt Season 1 Episode 10
Air Date: Saturday, August 05, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on CBS

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