Downward Dog: The Full Package (ABC 6 Jun 2017, with Timothy Odmunson)

Downward Dog

The Full Package: Nan meets Eric, (guest star Timothy Odmundson) an attractive dog owner who appears to be the older, more successful version of Jason, and enlists his help with Martin, secretly hoping to score a date. But when Martin spends time with Eric’s well-trained dog, it thrusts Martin into a crisis of self-confidence.

Cast: Allison Tolman as Nan, Lucas Neff (“Raising Hope”) as Jason, Nan’s ex-boyfriend; Kirby Howell-Baptiste (“Love”) as Jenn, Nan’s best friend and co-worker; and Barry Rothbart (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) as Kevin, Nan’s boss.

Guest Cast: Timothy Omundson as Eric, Christophe Parker as Dan and Ned as Martin.

Written by Daisy Gardner and directed by John Fortenberry.

Series: Downward Dog Season 1 Episode 4
Air Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-8:30 PM EST on ABC

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