Dr. Ken: Ken’s Old Professor (ABC 10 Mar 2017, with Jonathan Banks)

Dr Ken

In Ken’s Old Professor, when Ken’s tough as nails medical school professor Dr. Erwin (guest star Jonathan Banks) makes an appointment to check out an ailment, he continues to torment Ken just like he did during his residency.

Meanwhile, Damona must “adult up” and break things off with Eric, and Allison’s new assistant turns out to be quite the chatterbox.

Cast: Ken Jeong as Dr. Ken, Suzy Nakamura as Allison, Tisha Campbell Martin as Damona, Jonathan Slavin as Clark, Albert Tsai as Dave, Krista Marie Yu as Molly, Dana Lee as D.K. and Dave Foley as Pat.

Guest Cast: Jonathan Banks as Dr. Donald Erwin, Sarah Baker as Kylie, Amy Tolsky as patient, Carole Gutierrez as Mrs. Ferguson.

Written by Mike O’Connell and directed by Mark Cendrowski.

Series: Dr Ken Season 2 Episode 19
Airdate: Friday 10 March 2017 at 8.30pm on ABC

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