Elementary: A Controlled Descent (Season Finale CBS 14 May 2015 with Patrick Page)

Airdate: Thursday 14 May 2015 @ 10.00pm on CBS / Season 3 Episode 24

When Holmes’ former recovery sponsor and friend, Alfredo (Ato Essandoh), disappears, Holmes and Watson retrace his steps as Captain Gregson and Detective Bell lend NYPD’s resources to help find him. As the group races to find him, Holmes wonders if his friend is a victim of foul play, or worse, if he has relapsed into addiction.

Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes)
Lucy Liu (Joan Watson)
Aidan Quinn (Captain Tommy Gregson)
Jon Michael Hill (Detective Marcus Bell)
Ato Essandoh (Alfredo Llamosa)
Michael Weston (Oscar Rankin)

Jason Kolotouros (Agitated Man)
Brenda Pressley (Estella Llamosa)
Elia Monte-Brown (Kamala)
Patrick Page (Jonathan Bloom)
Matthew Saldivar (Neil Kopecky)
Maceo Oliver (Nassau County Uni)

WRITTEN BY: Robert Doherty
DIRECTED BY: John Polson

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