Fallen Hero: Episode One (ITV 14 Nov 1978)

In the opening episode of Fallen Hero semi-professional Rugby player Gareth Hopkins gets a bad knock during a game, it looks like his career might be over but there is a transfer to a Yorkshire club in the offing, he has a difficult choice to make. Does he try to con the new team in hopes of getting a payout from his old club or does he just call it quits. A weekend spent with his potential new boss could make things easier but a phone call from The Daily Express means he is on his own once again.

Writer Finch sets out the scene very nicely in this opener, Hopkins is revealed to already quite bitter and twisted. His marriage is down the pan. He has a terrible relationship with his teenage stepson Martin and his career is on the skids. All the same though Finch and actor Del Henney manage to make him a very likable character and your sympathies quickly lie with him.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Thames

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes | AIRDATE: 14 November 1978

WRITER: Brian Finch | DIRECTOR: Alan Bell

Series: Fallen Hero Season One Episode One

DEL HENNEY as Gareth Hopkins
WANDA VENTHAM as Dorothy Hopkins
JOHN WHEATLEY as Martin Hopkins
BILL WADDINGTON as Charlie Longworth
BRENDA PETERS as Muriel Longworth
FIONA MOLLISON as Jennie Longworth
TERRY ILAND as Peter Marsden

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