Fresh Off The Boat: First Day (ABC 10 Oct 2017, with Chris Elliott)

First Day: It’s the first day of high school and Eddie wants to join the football team to impress girlfriend Alison, despite Jessica forbidding him to try out. Emery finds out that Evan has been moved up a grade and is in middle school with him. Louis battles with Kenny Roger’s right-hand man (guest star Matt Oberg) over changes at the steakhouse.

Cast: Randall Park as Louis, Constance Wu as Jessica, Hudson Yang as Eddie, Forrest Wheeler as Emery, Ian Chen as Evan, Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang, Chelsey Crisp as Honey and Ray Wise as Marvin.

Guest Cast: Chris Elliott as Adam, Matt Oberg as Matthew Chestnut, Luna Blaise as Nicole, Isabella Alexander as Alison, Prophet Bolden as Walter, Trevor Larcom as Trent, Dash Williams as Brian, Evan Hannemann as Barefoot Dave, Noel Gugliemi as Hector and Jim Bentley as Murray.

Written by Laura McCreary and directed by Alisa Statman.

Series: Fresh Off The Boat Season 4 Episode 2
Air Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Time Slot: 8:30 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC

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