Hadleigh: Mishaps (ITV 10 Aug 1973, with Frederick Jaeger)

In Mishaps an old friend of Hadleigh’s, Leo Ingram, is back in the country after spending the last few years in Europe. He intends to set up a country retreat as part of a new business venture that will see European companies use it for team building excercises. He wants to get James’ opinion on the property but when their land rover breaks down the pair end up stranded.

Leo would like James to partner with him on the project but given the run down state of the property and how much it would cost,

Meanwhile Jennifer’s old friend Lois arrives at Melford having left boyfriend Tony. As the episode starts it’s clear that Jennifer is pretty depressed, still struggling to find her place at Melford but the arrival of Lois does give Jennifer the chance to talk about what’s on her mind – principally the fact that she thinks she is pregnant and doesn’t want to be. She hasn’t told James yet but he has an inkling. It turns out to be a false alarm in any case.

Hadleigh Mishaps

Lois turns up unannounced saying she has left Tony but Jennifer has other things on her mind, 

classic quote
“He’s gone beserk with the cheese board.” – Lois on Sutton’s serving skills. 

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 10 August 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Jack Ronder / Production Design: Eric Sedden / Director: Michael Ferguson

Series: Hadleigh Season 3 Episode 7

Gerald Harper as James Hadleigh
Hilary Dwyer as Jennifer Hadleigh
Peter Dennis as Sutton
Frederick Jaeger as Leo Ingram
Georgina Melville as Lois
Susan Richards as Old woman
Derek Keller as John

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