The Hanged Man: Wheel of Fortune (ITV 15 Feb 1975, Brian Croucher)

Hanged Man

In the opening episode of The Hanged Man tough businessman Lew Burnett decides that enough is enough after the third attempt on his life, he decides to fake his own death and goes undercover to find just why his life is being targeted and why. First of all he needs to find himself a new identity and calls upon an old contact to put him in touch with someone who can create two new passports for him. Meanwhile investigator Alan Crowe is convinced he is still alive and wants to find him.

Good strong opening episode that sets out the raison d’etre of the series perfectly. Strong playing by Blakely and Williams and by the end of the episode Crowe has actually joined forced with Burnett. Lots of cult tv names popping up here too including the likes of Brian “Travis” Croucher and the always slightly sinister Peter Miles who has been in everything from the likes of Doctor Who to Survivors.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Yorkshire

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes | AIRDATE: 15 February 1975

WRITER: Edmund Ward | PRODUCTION DESIGN: Alan Pickford | DIRECTOR: Marc Miller

Series: The Hanged Man / Episode One of Eight

COLIN BLAKELY as Lew Burnett
GARY WATSON as John Quentin
JOHN REES as Brian Nelson
ANTHONY SHARP as Henry Wakely
BRIAN HAINES as Matthew Reeve
ANGELA BROWNE as Elizabeth Haydon
TENNIEL EVANS as Joseph Blenkinson
PETER MILES as Harry Gold
IVAN BEAVIS as George Halloran
ALAN HOCKEY as Basil Slaughter
VICKY IRELAND as Receptionist

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