Life in Pieces: Necklace Rescue Chef Negotiator (CBS 9 Feb 2017, with Molly Shannon)

Life In Pieces

Life in Pieces episode Necklace Rescue Chef Negotiator has some great guest stars including Molly Shannon as Allie, a Quirky Private Chef; Angela Kinsey as Ruth, a Judgmental Animal Advocate; and Leslie David Baker as Gavin, Owner of a Classic Car Dealership

When Greg and Jen hire Allie (Molly Shannon), a private chef, to cook for them on Valentine’s Day, the evening isn’t as romantic as they had hoped. Also, Matt and Colleen try to adopt a dog from Ruth (Angela Kinsey), a judgmental animal advocate; John and Joan attempt to buy a classic car from dealership owner Gavin (Leslie David Baker); and Sophia gets a necklace from a boy for Valentine’s Day, to the chagrin of Heather and Tim.

Dianne Wiest (Joan Short)
James Brolin (John Short)
Zoe-Lister Jones (Jen Short)
Colin Hanks (Greg Short)
Angelique Cabral (Colleen Brandon Ortega)
Thomas Sadoski (Matt Short)
Betsy Brandt (Heather Hughes)
Dan Bakkedahl (Tim Hughes)
Niall Cunningham (Tyler Hughes)
Holly J. Barrett (Samantha Hughes)
Giselle Eisenberg (Sophia Hughes)
Hunter King (Clementine Hughes)

Molly Shannon (Allie)
Angela Kinsley (Ruth)
Leslie David Baker (Gavin)

WRITTEN BY: Barbie Adler
DIRECTED BY: Lisa Statman

Series: Life in Pieces Season 2 Episode 13
Airdate: Thursday 9 February 2017 at 9.30pm on CBS

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