Loaded: The Expo (Channel 4 19 June 2017, with Samuel Anderson)

Loaded Channel 4 2017

Continuing the comedy drama about friendship, ambition and gluttony. The gang are proudly looking forward to launching their long-awaited new game at the big expo, but Watto (Nick Helm) has other ideas.

Still reeling from a sudden bereavement, he takes drastic action to save the gang from the corrosive influence of their wealth. And when Leon (Samuel Anderson), Josh (Jim Howick) and Ewan (Jonny Sweet) find out what he’s done they’re forced to take drastic action of their own. Casey (Mary McCormack) goes on the rampage and unleashes the full force of her fury on Leon. The launch is a disaster.

The gang end in complete disarray as long-held grievances surface. Amid the raging chaos beta-male Ewan is offered a surprise promotion. It would seem he’s more valuable than anyone ever realised.

Writer: Jon Brown
Producer: Charlie Leech
Director: Elliot Hegarty
Executive Producers: Howard Burch, Avi Nir, Muli Segev, Assaf Harel, Jon Brown, Polly Leys, Kate Norrish
Production Company: Hillbilly Television and Keshet Productions UK in co-prod with AMC Studios

Series: Loaded Season 1 Episode 7
Air Date: Monday 19 June 2017
Time Slot: 10.00pm-10.50pm on Channel 4

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