Madam Secretary: The Detour (CBS 15 Jan 2017, Tonya Pinkins)

Madam Secretary The Detour

In The Detour Tonya Pinkins returns to guest star as Susan Thompson, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs

When Elizabeth and her staff fly to Africa to offer development aid to the continent, they are caught by surprise when the Chinese arrive there first, ready to outmaneuver the U.S. with competing offers of aid.

Also, when turbulence on their plane ride to Africa leaves Daisy unnerved, she and Susan Thompson (Tonya Pinkins) go on a welcome tour of Africa, admiring the beauty of the continent. And, the FBI asks Henry to help investigate a Christian cult member who may have helped build the bomb used in the Illinois coffee shop attack.

Téa Leoni (Elizabeth McCord)
Tim Daly (Henry McCord)
Bebe Neuwirth (Nadine Tolliver)
Željko Ivanek (Russell Jackson)
Keith Carradine (President Conrad Dalton)
Sebastian Arcelus (Jay Whitman)
Patina Miller (Daisy Grant)
Geoffrey Arend (Matt Mahoney)
Erich Bergen (Blake Moran)
Kathrine Herzer (Alison McCord)
Wallis Currie-Wood (Stephanie “Stevie” McCord)
Evan Roe (Jason McCord)

Francis Jue (Chinese Foreign Minister Chen)

Matt Meinsen (DS Agent Matt)
Roslyn Ruff (Marguerite Sanchez)
Tonya Pinkins (Susan Thompson)
James McCaffrey (Rex Mayfield)
Jeremy Rishe (Ethan Welsch)
Arian Moayed (Mohammed “Mo” Alwash)
Obba Babatunde (President Silvanus Fabre)
Avery Glymph (FBI Agent Clark Stokes)
Gregory Jones (FBI Agent Owen Wendt)
Walter Brandes (Ted)
Irene Sofia Lucio (Pilar)
Jason Kaufman (Commander)
Christine Toy Johnson (Kathy Akimoto)
Michael Bakkensen (Darren Taylor)
Eva Kaminsky (Jenny Bach)
Afemo Omilami (President Babacar Diome)
Claire Simba (Justine)
James Joseph O’Neil (Colonel McKay)
Stephen Lee Anderson (Captain)
Justin L. Wilson (Nathan Hobson)

DIRECTED BY: Martha Mitchell

Series: Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12
Airdate: Sunday 15 January 2017 at 9.00pm on CBS

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