Madam Secretary: Swept Away (CBS 19 Mar 2017, with Sarita Choudhury)

Madam Secretary Tea Leoni

Jan Maxwell guest stars as Vice President Teresa Hurst in Swept Away.

Elizabeth’s landmark global climate treaty with more than 200 countries is jeopardized when China threatens to back out due to her meeting with an ailing Dalai Lama.

Also, Henry worries about his undercover operative’s safety, and Jay is surprised when Abby serves him with a custody agreement for their daughter.

Téa Leoni (Elizabeth McCord)
Tim Daly (Henry McCord)
Bebe Neuwirth (Nadine Tolliver)
Željko Ivanek (Russell Jackson)
Keith Carradine (President Conrad Dalton)
Sebastian Arcelus (Jay Whitman)
Patina Miller (Daisy Grant)
Geoffrey Arend (Matt Mahoney)
Erich Bergen (Blake Moran)
Kathrine Herzer (Alison McCord)
Wallis Currie-Wood (Stephanie “Stevie” McCord)
Evan Roe (Jason McCord)

Mandy Gonzalez (Lucy Knox)
Francis Jue (Chinese Foreign Minister Chen)

Sarita Choudhury (Prime Minister Jaya Verma)
Stephanie J. Block (Abby Whitman)
Jan Maxwell (Vice President Teresa Hurst)
Roslyn Ruff (Marguerite Sanchez)
Arian Moayed (Mohammed “Mo” Alwash)
Darren Pettie (Ian Conroy)
Patrick Page (Reverend Slattery)
Clyde Kusatsu (Choden Gyatso)
Sanjit De Silva (Ben Hajianpour)
Nelson Lee (Geshe Tashi)
Gibson Frazier (Senator Chandler Morton)
Tina Chilip (Sonam Bhuti)
David Shih (Yonten Bhuti)
Agnes Chung (Commentator)
Losang Samten (Rinpoche)
Mel Maghuyop (Monk)
Marlie Hall (Newscaster)

WRITTEN BY: Alex Cooley
DIRECTED BY: Felix Alcala

Series: Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 16
Airdate: Sunday 19 March 2017 at 9.00pm on CBS

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