Nero Wolfe: The Doorbell Rang Series Premiere on A&E 22 Apr at 8.00pm

AIRDATE: Sunday 22 April 2001 at 8.00pm on A&E

Season 1 Episode 1

Nero Wolfe (Timothy Hutton) is paid his biggest fee ever to make J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI stop harassing Mrs. Bruner, a millionaire who has sent the book The FBI Nobody Knows to ten thousand people.

The first break in the case comes from Inspector Cramer who tells Archie that a man named Althaus was shot through the heart seven weeks ago and that no bullet, gun, or sign of struggle were found in his apartment. A witness saw three FBI men leaving his apartment building that night. Althaus was a writer who was working on a story about the FBI.

Cramer’s investigation was derailed by the FBI who laughed him off. The next break comes when Archie interviews a man who had worked for Mrs. Bruner. Archie startes to make connections and conduct searches, leading him to the murderer.

Directed by Timothy Hutton
Teleplay by Michael Jaffe
based on a novel by Rex Stout

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