Salvation: Pilot (CBS 12 Jul 2017, with Neil deGrase Tyson)

Salvation CBS

Pilot: When MIT grad student Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe) discovers an asteroid is set to collide with Earth in 186 days, he joins forces with tech billionaire Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) and the U.S. government to try and stop it – and together they stumble onto the greatest conspiracy never told.

Neil deGrasse Tyson guest stars as himself.

Santiago Cabrera (Darius Tanz)
Jennifer Finnigan (Grace Barrows)
Charlie Rowe (Liam Cole)
Jacqueline Byers (Jillian Hayes)
Rachel Drance (Zoe Barrows)
Shazi Raja (Amanda Neel)
Ian Anthony Dale (Harris Edwards)

Dennis Boutsikaris (Dr. Malcolm Croft)
Dewshane Williams (Diego)
Gregory Calderone (Ed)
Raven Dauda (Harris’s Secretary)
Josette Jorge (Karissa)
David Miller (Mike)
Daiva Johnston (Millie)
Vijay Mehta (Ambassador Gupta)
Ola Sturik (American Anchor)
Bill Turnbull (Carnahan)
Stuart Dowling (Doorman)
Helene Robbie (French Anchor)
Alex Cadilla (Hispanic Anchor)
Andrew Bushnell (Jordy)
Noorin Gulamgaus (MIT Student #1)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Himself)
Jake Raymond (Pompous MIT Student)
Diane Johnstone (Principal Stark)
Billy Parrott (Reporter Russ)
Eric Woolfe (Robert Wallops)
Tara Koehler (Rocket Tech)
Jordan Andonov (Russian Anchor)
Eltan Kerzman (Russian Man)
Tamara Chemij (Russian Woman)
Stephany Seki (Waitress)

WRITTEN BY: Liz Kruger & Craig Shapiro and Matt Wheeler
DIRECTED BY: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Series: Salvation Season 1 Episode 1
Air Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on CBS

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