Shots Fired: Hour 7 – Content Of Their Character (Fox 3 May 2017, with Alicia Sanz)

Shots Fired

Hour 7 – Content Of Their Character: The district attorney calls to inform Preston that he is sending in a new team to investigate the case, but Preston remains focused and determined to find the underlying truth.

The conflicting stories muddle the investigation, leaving a witness hanging dangerously in the balance with her testimony of what actually happened the night Joey Campbell died.

Amidst the aftermath of the riots, yet another compromising video of Beck surfaces.

Cast: Sanaa Lathan as Detective Ashe; Stephan James as Preston Terry; Stephen Moyer as Lieutenant Breeland; Will Patton as Sheriff Platt; Mack Wilds as Deputy Beck; Aisha Hinds as Pastor Janae James; DeWanda Wise as Shameeka Campbell; Clare-Hope Ashitey as Kerry Beck; Conor Leslie as Sarah; and Richard Dreyfuss as Arlen Cox.

Guest Cast: Helen Hunt as Governor Eamons; Alicia Sanz as Paula Games, Beau Knapp as Deputy Caleb Brooks, Shamier Anderson as Maceo Terry, Edwina Findley as Shirlane, Mike Pniewski as Julian Carroll, Kylen Davis as Shawn Campbell, Marqus Clae as Cory, William Leinbach as Jesse Carr, Liam Dance as Christian Beck, Jahlil Muhammad as Jeremiah Beck, Anthony O. Dalton II as Aide, Antonique Smith as Kiana, Madison Thompson as Katie Eamons, Brett Cooper as Tess Breeland, Xavier Shelton as Tommy, Yohance Myles as Leon Grant, David Moretti as The Handler, Brett Gentile as Sergeant Rivers, John Beasley as Mr. D, Cullen Moss as Brock, Alano Miller as Dom, Rhoda Griffis as Doreen Platt, Robert Crayton as Ronald, James David Shanks as Ronald and Malik, Geffri Maya Hightower as Eufaula, Brandon Shaw as Gerald, Demetrius Bridges as Malik.

Series: Shots Fired Season 1 Episode 7
Air Date: Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on FOX

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