Sleepy Hollow: Homecoming (Fox 10 Feb 2017, with Kamar de los Reyes)

Sleepy Hollow

In Homecoming, when the team realizes that the talisman which Dreyfuss seeks might be hidden in the most obvious of places, they race against the clock to find it before the evil forces are aligned.

Then, with heightened emotions and bittersweet memories, Jenny and Crane revisit important parts of their past as they return to Sleepy Hollow.

Cast: Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane; Janina Gavankar as Diana Thomas; Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny Mills; Jeremy Davies as Malcolm Dreyfuss; Rachel Melvin as Alex Norwood; Jerry MacKinnon as Jake Wells; Oona Yaffe as Molly Thomas

Guest Cast: Kamar de los Reyes as Jobe; Edwin Hodge as Benjamin Banneker

Series: Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Episode 6
Airdate: Friday 10 February 2017 at 9.00pm on Fox

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