Son of Zorn: The Quest for Craig (Fox 12 Feb 2017, with Cheryl Hines)

Son of Zorn

In The Quest For Craig, when Craig runs off to get some perspective on his relationship with Edie, a road trip ensues to bring him back. Meanwhile, Alan’s Zephyrian legs actually make him popular at school, but his desperation to fit in seriously puts off his lady.

Voice Cast: Jason Sudeikis as Zorn

Cast: Cheryl Hines as Edie; Tim Meadows as Craig; Johnny Pemberton as Alangulon aka Alan; Artemis Pebdani as Linda

Guest Voice Cast: Nick Offerman as Dr. Klorpins

Series: Son of Zorn Season 1 Episode 12
Airdate: Sunday 12 February 2017 ay 8.30pm on Fox

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