The Brothers: Special Licence (BBC-1 4 May 1975 with Jacki Webb)

UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 4 May 1975

Writer: Eric Paice / Production Design: Gavin Davies / Director: Lennie Mayne

Series: The Brothers / Season 5 Episode 5

In Special License Ted and Jen are back from Switzerland and are determined to get married, they are not looking forward to telling Mary but surprisingly she is not as angry as they expected her to be. In fact she even suggests having the reception at her home, but is she really ready to accept her husband’s former mistress into her family.

Brian is still undergoing psychiatric treatment and refusing to see any members of his family, he does however see Paul Merroney who puts out little feelers about Brian possibly needing to sell his shares in order to pay for long term treatment and before too long has manipulated the situation to ensure that Brian’s shares are put in trust with the bank. In the meantime Edward is made acting managing director and is soon back in the swing of things.

The key episode of the season, Edward and Jennifer finally tie the knot and Merroney manages to undercut the entire board with his shenanigans over Brian’s shares, something which promises to have major repercussions for the rest of season and the series as a whole.

guest cast
CAROLE MOWLAM as Clare Miller
LAURIE WEBB as Superintendent

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