The Odd Couple: Heal Thyself (CBS 9 Apr 2015 with Erinn Hayes)

USA / CBS / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 9 April 2015 @ 8.30pm

Writer: Bob Daily / Director: Mark Cendrowski

Series: The Odd Couple / Season 1 Episode 6

Felix’s hypochondria kicks into overdrive when Oscar starts dating the most important person in Felix’s life – his doctor.

regular cast
Matthew Perry (Oscar Madison)
Thomas Lennon (Felix Unger)
Wendell Pierce (Teddy)
Lindsay Sloane (Emily)
Yvette Nicole Brown (Dani)

guest cast
Erinn Hayes (Sharon)
Carole Gutierrez (Annie)
Emily Kosloski (Marilyn)
Doug Morency (Frank)

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