Training Day: Wages of Sin (CBS 2 Mar 2017, with Emma Caulfield)

Training Day Wages of Sin

In Wages of Sin Deputy Chief Lockhart opens an internal investigation into a past shooting which could cost Frank his badge and freedom, forcing Kyle to help Frank clear his name or risk losing the one man who could help him solve his father’s murder.

Bill Paxton (Det. Frank Rourke)
Justin Cornwell (Det. Kyle Craig)
Katrina Law (Rebecca Lee)
Drew Van Acker (Tommy Campbell)
Lex Scott Davis (Alyse Craig)
Julie Benz (Holly Butler)
Christina Vidal (Det. Valeria Chavez)
And Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Deputy Chief Joy Lockhart)

Brian Van Holt (Jeff Kullen)
Emma Caulfield (Lauren)
W. Earl Brown (Chief Wade)
Hutch Dano (Butler)
Jeff Fahey (Pike)
Aubrey Fitzgerald (Grace)
John Lorenz (Macawi)
Justin Jairm (Calamity)
Gregory Cruz (Rick Thorpe)
James Adam Tucker (Corrections Officer Tolan)
Rolando Breathwaite (Banger #1)
Curtis Nelson II (Banger #2)
Ty Upshaw (Deputy Ramos)
Monica Garcia (Deputy Los)
Steven Williams (Cannonball)
Jill Remez (Commander Lopes)
Karole Foreman (Sally)
Kelly LaMarr (Commander Dunn)
Tyson Sullivan (Ryan Deacon)

WRITTEN BY: Robert Port
DIRECTED BY: Steven Adelson

Series: Training Day Season 1 Episode 5
Airdate: Thursday 2 March 2017 at 10.00pm on CBS

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