Wallander: The Dogs Of Riga (BBC-1 15 July 2012)

The Dogs Of Riga

In The Dogs Of Riga, the second of three new episodes Wallander finds himself tangling with the Russian mob following the discovery of two bodies found on a raft in Ystad harbour. Once the investigation begins ties to Latvia are discovered – the Latvian police send over their own man, Major Karlis Liepa – a course of action that leaves Wallander less than happy but when Liepa himself is killed Kurt is forced to go to Latvia to investigate deeper.

The Dogs of Riga was the second Wallander novel written by Henning Mankell and it was the novel that introduced Kurt’s long distance love Baiba who Kurt just can’t seem to commit to. What is interesting here of course is the producers of the series have already deviated away from Wallander’s source material having introduced Vanja Andersson as Kurt’s girlfriend (although in last weeks opener they were already having counselling) so it may well be that Baiba just ends up being a minor character in the TV version or it may be that it is Vanja who is sidelined.

Without question Wallander is currently the best crime drama series on the box – capturing the essence of Mankell’s books to a tee.

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 15 July 2012 @ 9.00pm

Writer: Peter Harness / Director: Esther May Campbell

Series: Wallander / Series 3 Episode 2

KENNETH BRANAGH as Kurt Wallander
SOREN MALLING as Major Karlis Liepa
SARAH SMART as Ann-Britt Hoglund
BARNABY KAY as Lennart Mattson
MARK HADFIELD as Stefan Lindeman
REBEKAH STATON as Kristina Albinsson
ZOLTAN BUTUC as Colonel Aleksandr
ARTURS SKRASTINS as Colonel Jazeps Putnis
RED KAIM as Sgt Niklavs Zids
ARVYDAS DAPSYS as Leo Berkalov
DRAGOS BUCUR as Sergei Upitis
CIARAN OWENS as Erik Jacobsen
JIM BYWATER as Jan Holmgren

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