White Gold: Sexy Rollercoaster (BBC-2 29 May 2017, with Lauren O’Rourke)

White Gold Sexy Rollercoaster

Sexy Rollercoaster: When Vincent, Fitzpatrick and Lavender meet a group of men from a local publishing company, their alpha male hackles are raised: not only do these men get an expense account, but they each have a company car.

But when Cachet boss Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay) rejects Vincent’s request to match these perks, Vincent starts to think maybe he’s in the wrong business.

Meanwhile, in a bid to save face, Fitzpatrick puts faith in his comprehensive knowledge of Cachet’s home turf – with potentially dangerous consequences. In the showroom, receptionist Carol (Lauren O’Rourke) tries to get to grips with the new office computer.

Pictured are Fitzpatrick (played by James Buckley) and Carol (played by Lauren O’Rourke)

Series: White Gold Episode 2 of 6
Air Date: Monday 29 May 2017
Time Slot: 10.00pm-10.30pm on BBC Two

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