Australia | Channel 7 | 60 minutes | AIRDATE: Wednesday 24 August 2011 @ 7.30pm

Season 3 Episode 3

World's Strictest Parents Australia

Another edition of the show hosted by Home and Away’s Axle Whitehead which sends two obnixious teenagers to stay with extremely strict parents in different places around the world and in this edition it is the turn of the The Bachew family in Trinidad to lay down the law. What’s the old saying, if you gave birth to a teenager then nobody would ever have children and that’s what so great about this show, giving teenagers a taste of their own medicine.

The Bachews are a Catholic, Indo-Trinidadian family, with an absolute belief in the value of education and hard work. Mum, Dad and three children Amanda 21, Andrea 18 and Aaron 16 all work together in the family owned hardware store. Dad Omar and Mum Kumarie maintain the attitude, “the world owes me” is the greatest problem facing young people today, and it’s a parent’s responsibility to instill hard work and discipline in their children. The rules are strictly enforced in this conservative family – Omar and Kumarie believe in “the fruit of discipline”.

The Bachew family will not allow any smoking, drinking, swearing, body piercings or visible tattoos from their Australian visitors. Practically-minded, the Bachew’s plan to teach our teens life skills such as how to change a car tyre to instill their philosophy of “learning to use a shovel as well as a pen”. They are not afraid to deliver labour intensive tasks as a form of punishment.