Bruce Forsyth’s Classic Catchphrase Collection

Bruce Forsyth Catchphrases

TV Legend Bruce Forsyth knows the value of a good catchphrase and he tried to get one in on every show he hosted even if they made absolutely no sense. In fact his iconic 1970’s show The Generation Game in particular was positively littered with catchphrase gems.

But here though is our pick of the best.

Bruce Forsyth's Catchphrases

I’m in charge!
Bruce is always in charge, but when guests became too much of a handful on Beat the Clock he would always let them know.

Nice to see you. To see you … nice.
That favourite Generation Game welcome which Bruce carried with him for years.

Bruce Forsyth Catchphrases

Good game, good game … Hope you’re playing it at home.
Brucie would offer these words of encouragement to contestants on TGG, however the game was going.

Didn’t he do well?!
Again from The Generation Game, Bruce delivered this catchphrase with split-second timing at the end of the conveyor belt guessing game. When the phrase was dropped for a couple of weeks the public sent floods of letters demanding it be reinstated. Brucie obliged and never left it out again.

Bruce Forsyth Catchphrases

That’s all there is to it.
Once the expert had explained to the contestants what they had to do, Bruce would wheel round to the camera, thrust out his trademark chin and offer this unconvincing reassurance.

Bruce Forsyth Catchphrases

Give us a twirl.
Anthea Redfern, the hostess on TGG and who became the second Mrs Forsyth, would give viewers an all-round view of her flamboyant costumes on these words from Bruce.

What’s on the board, Mrs Ford?
When the show was reborn in 1990 the leggy Rosemarie Ford was on hand to help Bruce. This is how the main man instructed her to flash the score.

Here Kitty, Kitty!
Every week Bruce used to read out anecdotes from contestants’ lives. One lady had a deaf cat… The rest is history.

Bruce Forsyth Catchphrases

You don’t get anything for a pair. Not in this game.
From Play your Cards Right – a nice bit of double-entendre. As he’d be the first to admit, you can’t beat the old ones.

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