Classic Episodes – The Loveboat: Andy Warhol

Classic Episodes The Love Boat Andy Warhol

In another of our looks at classic episodes from the golden age of TV it’s a visit to 1970’s and 80’s ABC show The Love Boat. The 200th episodem broadcast 12 October, 1985, was as eccentric as they come. Andy Warhol is on board the Pacific Princess, and he wants to paint a portrait of Kansas housewife Mary Hammond (Marion Ross). But Mary will be sunk if her conservative husband, George (Tom Bosley), finds out she once had 15 minutes of fame as a green-haired bohemian named Marina Del Rey who appeared in a Warhol art movie, “White Giraffe.”

Perhaps the campiest of all Love Boats, “The 200th Episode” not only reunites Happy Days stars Ross and Bosley, it features a then-unknown Teri Hatcher as one of the ship’s singing-and-dancing Love Boat Mermaids.

“I told Andy, “You know, you’re a really terrible actor, but I will help you!” says Ross about working with the king of pop art. “He was very scared to be an actor. He was very sour-looking and damaged-looking, but he turned out to be the sweetest guy in the world. I feel so privileged.”

Warhol himself wrote in his “I really love [Marion] so much. She’s a wonderful person, and she helps me.”

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