Classic Episodes: The Mod Squad – Mother of Sorrow

The Mod Squad

The Mod Squad was one groovy show and Pete, Linc, and Julie (Michael Cole, Clarence Williams III, and Peggy Lipton) were the grooviest TV detectives ever — long-haired hipsters in bell-bottoms who should have been throwing pots in a commune but became crime-solvers instead.

In the audaciously Oedipal “Mother of Sorrow,” a deranged young man stages a mock murder to gain the attention of his neglectful artist mother (Lee Grant). Film actors Dreyfuss and Grant sizzle as emotional adversaries who share a Victorian house and an intense hatred of the father and husband who walked out on them.

Part therapy session, part whodunit, this episode was innovative entertainment for a generation hell-bent on self-discovery.

Original Airdate: February 17, 1970

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