Classic TV Episodes: Bewitched – Divided He Falls

Bewitched Divided He Falls

Facing a tight deadline on the Stern Chemical account, overworked adman Darrin Stephens (Dick York) has to cancel a vacation with his beautiful witch of a wife Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery). Or does he? “It’s a pity you can’t take the fun side of him and leave the work side at home,” ponders Samantha’s prankish, Pucci-clad mother, Endora, who promptly splits her son-in-law in two.

In an athletic double performance by York, Darrin’s hedonistic half becomes a Watusi-ing mass of irresponsibility, while his workaholic half is so all-business he nearly runs client Sanford Stern (Frank Maxwell) and boss Larry Tate (David White) into the ground. “Divided He Falls” was so delicious that when Dick Sargent replaced York on the show in 1969, the first episode he filmed was a remake of this one.

Original Airdate: May 5, 1966

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