Classic TV Heroines: Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Classic TV Heroines Wonder Woman

Show: Wonder Woman
Character: Yeoman Diana Prince/Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter.

Sure, classic war movies give us a sense of what it took to bring down Nazi Germany. But they don’t tell the whole story: Victory wouldn’t have been ours without Wonder Woman.

Based on Charles Moulton’s comic-book hero, Lynda Carter played the Clark Kent-like role of Yeoman Diana Prince–an army secretary who’d slip into her skimpy stars ‘n’ stripes outfit at the first sign of trouble.

Her superhuman, Hun-fighting powers came from her gold belt (manufactured from a miracle substance called Feminum) and her bracelets, which could stop 40-caliber rounds cold.

Undoubtedly, the Allies wouldn’t have won the race for the atomic genie without former beauty queen Carter’s corralling those evil German scientists and making them tell all with her amazing “lasso of truth.”

Diana also managed to make her way to the present day 1970’s working for Steve’s son, also called Steve

A tough cookie, but what did you expect? Carter was Miss America, not Miss Congeniality.

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