Dawn Addams The Aristocratic Actress

Born in Felixstowe in Suffolk in England in 1930 Dawn Addams spent her childhood in India, where her serviceman father was stationed. On her return to England she studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, and began her career in repertory theatre, touring round England and Europe. In 1950 she left for Hollywood and a screen lest at MGM – which resulted in her first movie role, Night Into Morning, the following year.

A glamorous actress, Addams was known in the fifties more for her love life than for her films (although she was the leading lady in Charles Chaplin’s A King in New York).

She preceded Grace Kelly into the realm of actress-princesses by marrying Italian aristocrat Prince Vittorio Massimo in 1954. The remainder of her career was spent alternating between Hollywood and Europe.

Addams died in 1985.

Films include:
1951: Night Into Morning
1952: Hour of Thirteen; Plymouth Adventure
1953: The Moon Is Blue
1954: Khyber Patrol
1956: II Tesoro di Rommel! (IT)
1957: A King in New York, The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll
1961: Die tausend Augen des Dr Mabuse (IT)
1966: Where the Bullets Fly

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