Diana Lynn (1926-1971 Actress)


7 October 1926 – 18 December 1971. Under contract to Paramount for much of her career.

Diana Lynn, whose real name was Dolores Loehr (in fact her first film appearances were under this name, was a major piano playing prodigy as a young girl and her earliest film appearances made ample use of her musical skills.

Never quite full on star material Lynn notched up quite a few leading parts throughout the 1940s and early 1950s. Her film career all but ended in 1956 after a second marriage to Mortimer Hall. She made a TV movie in 1971 called Company of Killers but she died young at the age of 45 after suffering a stroke.

1939: They Shall Have Music
1941: There’s Magic In Music
1942: Star Spangled Rhythm
1943: The Major And The Minor; Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour
1944: The Miracle Of Morgan’s Creek; And The Angels Sing; Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid; Our Hearts Were Young And Gay
1945: Out Of This World; Duffy’s Tavern
1946: Our Hearts Were Growing Up; The Bride Wore Boots
1947: Easy Come Easy Go; Variety Girl
1948: Ruthless; Texas Brooklyn And Heaven; Every Girl Should Be Married
1949: My Friend Irma
1950: Paid In Full; My Friend Irma Goes West; Rogues Of Sherwood Forest; Peggy
1951: Bedtime For Bonzo; The People Against O’Hara
1952: Meet Me At The Fair
1953: Plunder Of The Sun
1954: Track Of The Cat
1955: An Anapolis Story; The Kentuckian; You’re Never Too Young
1971: Company of Killers (Made For TV)

Trivia: Lynn spent most of the 1960’s working as a travel agent in New York City.

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