Doris Day – So very, very Doris

She was a midwestern girl whose head was filled with dreams, and not-so-secret hopes of stardom.

But she didn’t have her sights set on Hollywood. She wanted to be a dancer. (A hope that was dashed by an automobile accident that kept her off her feet in a hospital bed for over a year.)

So, the would-be dancer became a singer. She sang with Bob Crosby’s band, and then had a big hit with Les Brown. (Remember “Sentimental Journey”? ) In the late 40’s, she sang with Sinatra on the “Saturday Night Hit Parade”.

Both Sinatra and Artie Shaw encouraged her to try her hand at acting. In 1948, she landed a role in “Romance on the High Seas.” She was on her way. Her agent and third husband, Marty Melcher, had a knack for deal-making.

In movies like “Tea For Two”, “Pillow Talk”, and “That Touch of Mink”, she stole our hearts.

In fact, in her entire filmography, Doris was always America’s any girl — the one down the hall, across the dance floor, or tantalizingly close on the other end of the phone. We all either had a crush on her or wished we were her.

She was sweet. Charming. Innocent.

And always, very, very Doris.

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