Must See TV 2016: Outlander Season 2 

Despite being passed over for the best TV drama at the Golden Globes this week it as still good to see one our favourite shows getting nominated.

Season 2 of the Starz series Outlander won’t begin until April anticipation is already sky high. So just what can we expect in the second season? A major plotline will see Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) travelling to France on an important mission, speaking at the recent TV Winter 2016 Press Tour Sam said “Jamie’s definitely still affected by the trauma (of what happened during the season one finale) but ultimately, he puts his whole body and soul into this mission about changing history, and then there is a great revalation that kind of cures him or brings him out of himself, which I can’t really tell you what that is, but it certainly brings back the old Jamie.”


Sam also added that season 2 will see Jamie learning to be deceptive, in fact he has been “discovering a side of the character that I didn’t know was there, that he’s playing someone else. He’s learning to be deceitful, and he does it very well.”


Meanwhile, also at the Press Tour,  executive producer Ronald D. Moore revealed a little bit about how Claire’s pregnancy is going to affect things saying “Claire’s pregnancy is a threat. It’s there from the first episode since they arrive in Paris, and we continue it throughout the story, and how it affects their relationship.”

Sam also remarked on how although the dangers of being Scotland would be lessened with Jamie and Claire heading to France, new dangers would be just as prevalent “the danger in Paris and Versailles is less physical… it’s more politics and backstabbing and poison. It’s more hidden… but we certainly do go back to Scotland.’

Needless to say we can’t wait!

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