Netflix Australia: Jessica Jones – three essential things to know before you watch

Okay so you’ve finished the first season Daredevil on Netflix, in one giant ten hour binge naturally, but before you get to Jessica Jones here is something of a primer for you.

Like Daredevil, she has her own (less popular) comic
It is in 2001 that Jessica Jones (played in the series by Krysten Ritter) appears for the first time the character of Jessica Jones. Unlike Daredevil or Batman, her adventures are not self titled but printed under the name Alias – which is the name of her private detective agency.

Created by Brian Michael Bendis (also writer of Daredevil) and designed mainly by Michael Gaydos, Alias had 28 published numbers between 2001 and 2004.

Like Daredevil JJ is more complex and human than most superheroes
If it’s costumes that are your bag then you might be disappointed with Jessica Jones, quite possibly the least super of anybody in the Marvel universe. She does have powers though! Her real name is Jessica Campbell and her back story and acquiring of powers saw her getting badly injured and left orphaned after her parent’s car collided with a chemical truck. Trying to hone her new powers Jessica becomes Jewel. Her problems begin though when she falls victim to Zebediah Kilgrave aka The Purple Man (David Tennant in the series) who uses mind control to make her do his bidding. After breaking free but being left psychologically broken down Jessica hangs up her superhero costume and starts her private detective business. It’s at this point that the Netflix series actually begins. Jessica is very much struggling and living in less than salubrious conditions in Hell’s Kitchen.

Jessica Jones is the second Marvel character to benefit from the Netflix affect
Last April, Daredevil, focusing on the superhero of the same name, turned into a massive success for Netflix with both viewers and critics alike and it’s immediate success has caused something of a change of plan to the streaming services ideas for their four Marvel series – each of them, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist were to get one outing each before teaming up in The Defenders. Daredevil has a second season starting in April and Jessica Jones is likely to get a sophomore outing too. Indeed Ted Sarantos, who is head of content at Netflix is speaking of a new season featuring a Defenders character every six months or so. There is also speculation that Iron Fist may get a movie and The Punisher might move to his own dedicated series.

Jessica Jones Netflix release date was actually 20 November 2015 but like all Netflix shows the beauty is you can pick and choose your time to watch so settle yourself in for an extended visit to Hell’s Kitchen and the first 13 episodes of Jessica Jones.

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