Arabian Adventure (Badger 1979 with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Emma Samms)

UK / Badger Films / 98 minutes / 1979

Writer: Brian Hayles / Director: Kevin Connor

Cast: Christopher Lee, Milo O’Shea, Oliver Tobias, Emma Samms, Peter Cushing, Capucine, Mickey Rooney, Puneet Sira, John Wyman, John Ratzenberger, Shane Rimmer

A sumptuous fantasy adventure film, which keeps its tongue firmly in its cheek as it uses tremendous special effects to tell a tale of magic and dangerous endeavour in the Middle East.

Christopher Lee is a villainous ruler with sorcerous powers who is determined to win the hand of Princess Emma Samms. Standing against him is macho prince Oliver Tobias, who sets out to find the magical Rose of Elil. This is the only thing that can defeat Lee and in the quest for the arcane artefact, Tobias encounters help and hindrance from Mickey Rooney, Milo O’Shea and Peter Cushing before calling up a veritable sky darkening squadron of flying carpets.

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