Baby Face Harrington (MGM 1935)

Baby Face Harrington

Baby Face Harrington is a comedic gangster-movie spoof, in which a man who is already having a hard time in his job, his social life, and his marriage, is kidnapped by a bunch of thugs. News that his wife plans to divorce him almost sends him reeling over the edge before, half-unwittingly, he becomes a hero of sorts.

Raoul Walsh, who directed the amiable gangster comedy Baby Face Harrington (1935), made several classics of the gangster genre, including Regeneration (1915), The Roaring Twenties (1939), High Sierra (1941) and White Heat (1949).

Cast: Charles Butterworth, Richard Carle, Dorothy Libaire, Donald Meek, Una Merkel, Edward J. Nugent, Eugene Pallette, Nat Pendeleton, Ruth Selwyn, Harvey Stephens

Director: Raoul Walsh
Producer: Edgar Selwyn
Director of Photography: Oliver T. Marsh
Editor: William S. Gray
Composer: Sam Wineland
Screenwriters: William LeBaron, Nunnally Johnson, Edgar Selwyn

USA / MGM / 65 minutes / 1935

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