Background to Danger (Warner 1943, George Raft, Brenda Marshall)

Background to Danger

Nazis, Soviets, and American agent Raft are all after a cache of secret documents in the mysterious back alleys of WWII Turkey in Background to Danger. A great, fast-moving spy tale handled expertly by Walsh. Based on Eric Ambler’s “Uncommon Danger.”

The screenplay of Background to Danger is by W. R. Burnett, the hardboiled crime novelist whose books were adapted into such classic films as Little Caesar (1930), High Sierra (1941) and The Asphalt Jungle (1950).

George Raft as Joe Barton
Brenda Marshall as Tamara Zaleshoff
Sydney Greenstreet as Colonel Robinson
Peter Lorre as Nikolai Zaleshoff
Osa Massen as Ana Remzi
Turhan Bey as Hassan
Willard Robertson as ‘Mac’ McNamara
Kurt Katch as Mailler

crew details
Director: Raoul Walsh
Screenplay: W. R. Burnett
Original Author: Eric Ambler

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Warner
Year of Release: 1943
Duration: 80 minutes

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