Bad Men of Missouri (Warner 1941, Dennis Morgan, Jane Wyman)

Bad Men of Missouri

Outlaws and the Wild West have always had a strong relationship with cinema, though Bad Men of Missouri puts an oddly positive light on the Younger brothers, a criminal posse who took up with the more famous Jesse James gang.

The Youngers are portrayed sympathetically, as crime becomes their way of life only after seeing their friends and family horribly murdered by carpetbaggers from the north. Though based on true characters, the truth is stretched to the extreme.

The technical advisor was Pearl May Kearns, the real Cole Younger’s last surviving relative.

Dennis Morgan as Cole Younger
Jane Wyman as Mary Hathaway
Wayne Morris as Bob Younger
Arthur Kennedy as Jim Younger
Victor Jory as William Merrick
Alan Baxter as Jesse James
Walter Catlett as Mr. Pettibone
Howard Da Silva as Greg Bilson
Faye Emerson as Martha Adams
Russell Simpson as Hank Younger
Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Hathaway
Erville Alderson as Mr. Adams
Hugh Sothern as Fred Robinson
Sam McDaniel as Wash
Dorothy Vaughan as Mrs. Dalton

crew details
Director: Ray Enright
Producer: Harlan Thompson
Original Story: Robert E. Kent
Director of Photography: Arthur Todd
Editor: Clarence Kolster
Composer: Howard Jackson
Screenwriter: Charles Grayson
Costume Designer: Milo Anderson

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: Warner Bros.
Year of Release: 1941
Duration: 74 minutes

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