Black Shield of Falworth, The (Universal 1954, Tony Curtis, David Farrar)

Black Shield of Falworth

In The Black Shield of Falworth, an adaptation of Howard Pyle’s classic children’s novel Men of Iron, Tony Curtis plays a young knight of discredited parentage who rises up through the ranks in medieval England.

In the course of his quest he overcomes scheming opponents, saves the king and wins the hand of Lady Anne (Leigh). Technicolor, Cinemascope and a fine supporting cast highlight this medieval pageant released shortly after MGM’s Knights of the Round Table (1953) and Fox’s Prince Valiant (1954).

Tony Curtis’s real name was Bernard Schwartz, while the Italian actor named Tony Curtis – actually, Antonio De Curtis – renamed himself Toto and became a famous comedian in his home country. Born in Naples in 1898, Toto was one of the most popular Italian film stars, making more than a hundred films, writing five more, and even composing songs for several others.

Black Shield of Falworth

Cast: Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, David Farrar, Barbara Rush, Herbert Marshall, Rhys Williams, Dan O’Herlihy, Torin Thatcher

Director: Rudolph Mate
Producers: Robert Arthur, Melville Tucker
Director of Photography: Irving Glassberg
Editor: Ted J. Kent
Composer: Joseph Gershenson
Screenwriter: Oscar Brodney
Art Directors: Alexander Golitzen, Richard H. Riedel

USA / Universal / 99 minutes / 1954

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