Black Tent, The (1956 with Anthony Steel and Donald Sinden)

UK / 1955

Director: Brian Desmond Hurst
Writers: Robin Maugham, Bryan Forbes

Cast: Anthony Steel, Donald Sinden, Andre Morell, Anna Maria Sandri, Ralph Truman, Donald Pleasence, Anthony Bushell, Michael Craig, Anton Diffring, Frederick Jaeger, Paul Homer, Derek Sydney, Terence Sharkey

Based on a script by Robin Maugham and Bryan Forbes, The Black Tent is a wartime romance mystery starring Anthony Steel as a British officer who finds war and love in the Libyan desert.

When Steel doesn’t return to reclaim his vast estates in Britain after the war, his family presume he is dead and his brother Donald Sinden travels to Libya to find out what happened to him. His investigations lead him from the British embassy in Tripoli to the encampment of a tribe of Bedouins. There he is given a diary by the daughter of the sheikh and he begins to piece together his brother’s strange history.

Steel had been separated from the British forces and was taken in by the Bedouins. While recuperating from injuries sustained in battle, Steel fell for the daughter (Anna Maria Sandri) of the sheikh (Andre Morrell). Having cast his lot in with the Bedouins, he then persuades the sheikh to help him embark on guerilla warfare against the Germans. During an ambush Steel is killed. However, he and Sandri have given birth to a son, Terence Sharkey, and Sinden must consider what is to become of his nephew and his brother’s heir…

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