Blackbeard’s Ghost (Disney 1968, Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones)

Blackbeard's Ghost Peter Ustinov

Not a classic Disney movie but still an enjoyable one and with a wonderful central performance by the late Peter Ustinov as the title character, Blackbeards Ghost was released in 1968 and mixes in comedy and moments of pure slapstick.

The new track coach of Godolphin College Steve Walker (Dean Jones) accidentally summons Blackbeards Ghost (and only he can see him) who has been cursed to a life in limbo unless he can perform a good deed, deeming Steves track team to be worthy of his help Blackbeard ends up creating much mayhem as he goes about his task.

Ustinov is great as Blackbeard, energetic, full of mischievous fun and with a real glint in his eye, the supporting players (who include a young Suzanne Pleshette) are really only there for him to bounce off.

Despite some overplayed slapstick near the end Blackbeards Ghost is watchable family fare.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Cast: Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette, Elsa Lanchester, Richard Deacon, Stefanie Powers, Terry-Thomas, Joby Baker, Elliott Reid, Norman Grabowski, Kelly Thordsen, Michael Conrad, Herbie Faye, George Murdock, Hank Jones, Ned Glass, Gil Lamb

Director: Robert Stevenson
Composer: George Bruns
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Reitherman

Production Companies: Walt Disney Productions
Release Date: 8 February 1968
Running Time: 106 minutes
Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Family
Country: United States of America

Tagline: He’s out’a sight…literally!

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