Blue Murder At St Trinian’s (1957, Terry-Thomas, George Cole)

George Cole, Blue Murder at St Trinians

This is the second screen appearance of Ronald Searle’s immortal St Trinian’s creations under the now experienced leadership of director Frank Launder.

With St. Trinian’s headmistress Miss Fritton (Alastair Sim) now in jail, the army unsuccessfully tries to control the schoolgirls. Meanwhile Flash Harry (George Cole) has promised to let wife-hunting Italian Prince Bono (Guido Lorraine) look over the sixth form. And cheating of a violent kind wins the school a European tour that’s scheduled to end in Rome.

George Cole, Blue Murder at St Trinian's

George Cole as Flash Harry and the St Trinian’s girls.

But Dame Maud Hackshaw (Judith Furse) is en route from an Australian borstal to replace Miss Frinton and, in order to prevent her from vetoing the trip, she is kidnapped and her place taken, in drag, by wanted jewel thief Joe Mangan (Lionel Jeffries), the father of one of the sixth formers. The school sets out in two charabancs in the charge of bus-owner Romney (Terry-Thomas), Ministry of Education liftman Michael Ripper and a policewoman in disguise (Joyce Grenfell). Comic chaos ensues. See also The Pure Hell of St Trinian’s and The Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery.

UK / 1957 black and white

Director: Frank Launder
Writers: Frank Launder, Val Valentine, Sidney Gilliat. Inspired by the drawings of Ronald Searle

Cast: Terry Thomas, George Cole, Joyce Grenfell, Alistair Sim, Sabrina, Lionel Jeffries

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