Boy and the Pirates, The (United Artists 1960, Charles Herbert, Susan Gordon)

The Boy and the Pirates

In fanciful children’s tale The Boy and the Pirates, a boy (Charles Herbert) discovers a bottle on the beach that serves as the residence of Abu the Genie (Joseph Turkel). Abu grants the boy’s wish for a pirate’s life of adventure, casting him onto the deck of Blackbeard’s (Murvyn Vye) pirate ship, where he learns the art of escape, the perils of rum and the dangerous allure of treasure.

The Boy and the Pirates was produced and directed by quickie-flick” entrepreneur Bert I. Gordon, responsible for such films as The Amazing Colossal Man (1957) and Earth Vs. the Spider (1958). The film also starred Joseph Turkel, one of Stanley Kubrick’s favorite actors, as the genie; he appeared in Kubrick’s The Shining and Paths of Glory.

The Boy and the Pirates

Cast: Charles Herbert, Susan Gordon, Archie Duncan, Paul Guilfoyle, Joseph Turkel, Murvyn Vye, Than Wyenn

Producer and Director: Bert I. Gordon
Director of Photography: Ernest Haller
Editor: Jerome Thoms
Composer: Albert Glasser
Screenwriters: Lillie Hayward, Jerry Sackheim
Production Designer: Edward L. Ilou

USA / United Artists / 82 minutes / 1960

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