Breaking Point, The (Warner 1950, John Garfield, Patricia Neal)

The Breaking Point

A remake of Warner Bros.’ earlier To Have and Have Not, also based on Hemingway’s novel of the same title, this drama follows the struggles of hapless charter captain Harry Morgan. Morgan takes on a wealthy passenger headed for Mexico. When Morgan’s passenger disappears without paying, he’s left unable to cover the docking fee. His financial troubles draw him into the orbit of a shifty lawyer who involves him first in a plot to smuggle Chinese and later in the transport of a bevy of crooks who nearly take his life.

Breaking Point teamed John Garfield with director Michael Curtiz for the fourth time. Curtiz had directed Garfield in some of his best roles, including his auspicious debut as Mickey Borden in Four Daughters (1938).

John Garfield as Harry Morgan
Patricia Neal as Leona Charles
Phyllis Thaxter as Lucy Morgan
Juano Hernandez as Wesley Park
Wallace Ford as F.R. Duncan
Edmon Ryan as Rogers
Ralph Dumke as Hannagan
Guy Thomajan as Danny
William Campbell as Concho
Sherry Jackson as Amelia Morgan
Donna Jo Boyce as Connie Morgan
Victor Sen Yung as Mr. Sing

crew details
Director: Michael Curtiz
Producer: Jerry Wald
Screenwriter: Ranald MacDougall
Original Story: Ernest Hemingway
Director of Photography: Ted McCord
Editor: Alan Crosland Jr.
Composer: Ray Heindorf
Art Director: Edward Carrere

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Warner
Year of Release: 1950
Duration: 97 minutes

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